A Bug is Making SIMS Date Their family

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The Sims 4 introduced a free patch ahead of the High School Years expansion release, finally bringing back fears and curved walls, and a broader selection of orientations. Those are the deliberate additions, of course. Some rather sad side effects of this patch appear to be your sims rapidly aging and, wanting to family.

It looks like romantic wants have forgotten to exclude sims who share family ties. The issue was posted to Reddit, showing a sweet granny who wants to ask her son to be her boyfriend. Mind you, she does look rather horrified at the prospect, but that’s beside the point. It seems like familial relationships aren’t taken into account for some reason, with the want being triggered “from being friends” with her son.

The issue’s also been transmitted on the bug report forum, with players understandably being a bit awkward with the situation. One report read: “In the recent update I made a new save, more to have a new family and fresh start on my sims games. However, this has unfortunately triggered the whim ‘Ask <name> to be Boyfriend.’ Which would be all fine and dandy if she wasn’t thinking about it for her father.” What a wild paragraph to digest on this fine Thursday morning.

Thankfully EA is aware of the problem. As well as the team accepting it on the forum, SimGuruNick took to Twitter to say “I just wanted to acknowledge that they want to date a family member is something we know about, we’ve produced ourselves, we’re working on it. We’re looking to get it fixed ASAP.” He also said that the rapid aging bug was being worked at, too. With High School Years mere hours away as I write this, let’s hope the problems will be fixed soon.

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