A Daredevil Game Needs to Happen

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Daredevil Game

Of all the Marvel characters, it’s amazing that Daredevil has yet to receive a video game title on a mainstream console.

Daredevil has gotten a rebirth in the last two years thanks to the superb Netflix series. It helped erase the memories of the bad Ben Affleck movie from 2003 and recreated the character for a new generation, benefitting from the long-term storyline telling that a television show allows.

A Daredevil video game, though, could be monumental for one huge reason: Oculus Rift.

Oculus Rift creates virtual reality worlds where gamers become immersed in an environment. Imagine playing as Daredevil, who as you probably know is blind but can see the world around him through other elevated senses. What if you put on Oculus Rift and saw the world exactly as Daredevil sees it, having to rely on the sound waves generated by a bullet to miss it or falling rain to sense the location of an enemy.

The potential, to be honest, is huge. Of course, fans of Daredevil would probably go nuts about about any game at this point.

Really, the only Daredevil-themed title available now is a slot offering that allows gamers to try their luck and potentially win prizes. It sits alongside many, similar Marvel titles that all invoke characters from the MCU in this particular setting. And while the game is great for people who like playing online games, it does vary significantly from what a console could offer.

To that end, Daredevil was actually once slated to star in a PlayStation 2 game that was ultimately called off. It turns out that video game developer Encore Entertainment had a game in the works, but it switched businesses models midway through the game’s creation. Instead of selling the work to another company or finishing the project, Encore Entertainment just dropped it completely.

The game was to play off the 2003 movie that did fine at the box office, but has obviously been seen as a critical failure. So while comic book fans wanted more of Daredevil on the big screen, the general audience at that time was not that interested, turning its attention instead to Spider-Man and the X-Men.

With that history behind us, though, Daredevil gets a chance to live in video games once again. The Netflix show has gotten great reviews. The show allows for longer storytelling and better character development thanks to its length, but it also has a deft touch at showing the relationships between characters.

That gives each episode more weight as fans become more invested as the show goes on. While movies act as a fun escape, a television show has a way to sticking with fans for longer. A Daredevil game placed in that universe, with or without Oculus Rift involved, could be a win both for the creator and for fans alike.

The longer Daredevil is a success, the more likely a game will be made. A third season of the show, which is still up for debate, would be a huge help. Instead of another superhero game, though, let’s have the developers be ambitious. Oculus Rift sets up a perfect opportunity and Daredevil is the perfect vehicle. Let’s make it happen.


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