A Full Size Commodore 64 Replica Is Coming Out Soon

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Commodore 64

Commodore 64 mini was released in October last year and it came bundled with 64 pre-loaded games. The system was met with the positive response with the loudest complaint being in the all too perfect, bad controller bundled with the system and the fact that the keyboard featured on the mini was entirely cosmetic. Today, Retro Games has revealed a new version of the Commodore 64 will be releasing in stores this December.

This time around the new system will be a full-sized replica of the classic computer and comes with a full-sized working keyboard! A new joystick is also being made which will apply micros-witches to allow for greater control. The same 64 games that were packed with the C64 Mini will also be featured on the C64 only this time they will be joined by the classic Commodore 64 and Vic 20 BASIC editor! The C64 will also feature an HDMI port to allow for 720P output just as on the C64 Mini. The C64 is expected to release for about $120.

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