A Game Booster for Mac! How to Optimize Your Mac for Gaming

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Macs have never been centered around gaming, but that doesn’t mean they’re incapable. Steam’s list of macOS-supported games grows larger every day. The issue is that Apple relies mostly on integrated graphics that can’t meet the demands of today’s latest games but you can optimize graphics on a PC and you can learn how to optimize PC for gaming by following the link.

What you need is a game booster for Mac. If you’ve ever wondered how to make games run faster on Mac, wonder no more. We’ll cover some simple tricks to optimize your Mac for gaming and we recommend you should opt for a wireless adapter for better gaming, this also works on your own Fierce PC.

2018 MacBook Pro

Game Booster for Mac

Whether you’re playing games new or old, they’ll all benefit from the performance increase of a Mac game booster. You don’t have to download a thing. Increasing Mac game performance is as easy as flipping a few switches.

  1. Clear Disk Space

Most games are dozens of gigabytes — or more. Even if you have tons of free storage on your machine, that’ll fill up fast as you start expanding your game library. But it’s not just about storage space.

Did you know that cluttered drives impact Mac’s performance? More files mean more indexing, longer load times, and HDDs and SSDs need some free space available to run their best.

Uninstall games, applications, and other bloatware you never use. You might want to consider defragmenting your hard drive afterward, for peak performance.

If you accidentally uninstall something you need, fear not! You can recover Mac data.

  1. Close Unnecessary Apps

Since Macs need to get the most out of their limited hardware, you don’t want pointless apps and other programs taxing your system. For example, do you need the Dashboard to be running while you’re gaming?

Probably not. Don’t even leave a web browser open. Even if it’s idling, it’s still consuming a chunk of your RAM and CPU.

  1. Monitor Mac Performance

If you’re experiencing a subpar game performance, it might not be your hardware’s fault. There’s a good chance that the game is poorly optimized for Mac.

To get a good sense of what’s going wrong, keep your activity monitor open while you play. High CPU and RAM usage indicate that your Mac can’t keep up. But when everything looks good, that points to a software problem.

  1. Accessorize Your Mac

Mac peripherals are sleek and ergonomic, but that doesn’t mean they’re a good fit for gaming. It’s not just about mice and keyboards — although those can be tight and uncomfortable, especially on MacBooks.

Gaming puts a lot of stress on your Mac. You might want to consider a stand to improve cooling on your device. Or, you might want to ignore the mouse and keyboard entirely and opt for a controller adapter.

No matter what you’re playing, an upgrade is in order. Up your game with some MacBook pro accessories.

Get Your Game On

This game booster for Mac will help you get the most out of your computer. These changes all seem very simple — and they are! — but they can go a long way to improving your game experience.

If you want more assistance getting the most out of your Mac, or you’re simply an Apple fanatic, then take a look at the Apple section of this site.

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