A GEARS OF WAR Movie and Animated Series Are Being Developed for Netflix

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The famous sci-fi action video game franchise Gears of Wars is finally going to happen as film adaptations fans have been waiting for it for a while and now they are getting it thanks to Netflix! There’s a bonus, though! We’re also going to get an adult animated series! The streaming giant also said that there’s “potential for more stories to follow.”

There’s been a Gears of War movie in development for many years with director F. Scott Frazier at the helm. But, nothing ever came of that. Over that time, actors such as Dave Bautista and Terry Crews were campaigning to be in the movie. Both would make excellent additions, but as of right now no one has been cast for the movie.

Video game developer The Coalition acquired the rights to the series from the original creator Epic Games, and they will be involved with the creative process.

Gears of Wars follows a team of brutal soldiers called Delta Squad who are battling against the Locust Horde, a subterranean alien race that destroys humanity. The main Delta Squad crew consisted of Marcus Fenix, Dominic “Dom” Santiago, Augustus Cole, and Damon Baird. In their fights, they use a combination of heavy-duty firearms, rocket launchers, and lancers, which are rifles with chainsaws attached to them. I love the franchise and the original game was just a blast in co-op.

Source: Variety

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