A Guide For The Most Popular Cat Breed For First-Time Pet Parents

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Rescuing a cat is always the preferred method of adopting an animal to get them out of the shelters. The problem is a lot of people want a feline they can showcase, and that often requires a pedigree. It’s very unusual to find a purebred among those in the rescues.

For the first-time pet parent who wants to adopt a feline with a pedigree, research is a necessity to find one that will cohesively blend with your own personality, your lifestyle, care needs, and budgetary requirements because vet bills can be expensive. It’s a realistic factor to consider. You should also think about whether you want a furry friend sleeping alongside you. Read this to learn how beneficial it can be for the feline and you.


Breeds Of Cats Most Popular For The First Time Pet Parent

Some cats are very loud, speaking their displeasure (or pleasure) at will, and many are extraordinarily curious, getting into everything they’re not supposed to. The potential pet parent must understand each breed has eccentricities before making a choice.

Pedigreed felines are exceedingly expensive. Few return to a shelter, and you don’t want to be one of the first to do so because you don’t take the time to do your homework.

You must remember that not all cats are bred in quite the same way. Purebreds are rare. That means that some kitties might offer some traits and characteristics unique to the breed. It only adds to the appeal making the animal one-of-a-kind and even more of a reason to love it. Breeds that are ideal for the first-time parent include:

  • The Maine Coon: The contradiction with this animal is it’s almost like getting a dog for a cat person. The Coon will follow its human companion like a puppy dog, curious as to what’s happening every second. You need to realize this cat will require a great deal of grooming as it does have long, lush locks. It is a gentle, friendly animal with a loud, high-pitched meow where you would expect a booming, powerful sound from such a massive animal.

It’s easily identified from its large size and the flow of its long “mane” with three varying lengths. You will also notice oversized ears for this pet and paws that are tufted, which gave these great animals advantages when they were in the wild.

  • The Scottish Fold: The ears tell on this cat. The Scottish Fold can’t hide his identity with the way those ears give the feline’s face such expression. These are folded forward tightly against the head, almost making the kitty look kind of like an owl. The cat’s head is round, and the eyes are unusually large compared to other breeds. Check out pictures of the breed at holistapet. You can also look at other options that might suit your personality more while on the site.

This kitten notes as being a very affectionate cat, sensitive, soft-spoken, and sweet. These are a friendly breed that loves a family, whether it consists of multiple people or a single individual.

  • The Ragdoll: The Ragdoll has a semi-long coat, but it doesn’t equate to the Maine Coon or even that of the Persian. It requires little brushing. The cat’s identifying quality is its “pointed pattern.”

If you happen to have an exceptionally busy lifestyle, this is an easygoing cat, gentle, docile. It won’t give you any kind of rough playtime. It’s an intelligent animal that can actually learn tricks like a dog, including specific commands. So, if you’re a person who enjoys dogs but wants the ease of a cat, this would be the ideal breed for you.

Many people are of the understanding that a cat is an ideal pet because you basically “set it and forget it.” That’s genuinely not the case. While cats give the illusion that they don’t want to be bothered, most cats thrive on love and affection from their parents.

The recommendation is that kittens up to adults shouldn’t be left alone for extended periods of time and adults a maximum of 24-48 hours with someone coming in to check on the animal periodically.

If you leave an adult alone for this length of time, it’s essential to have an extra litter pan if no one will be in charge of cleaning and plenty of water and food. Independent doesn’t mean ignore.

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