A Guide To Gold Megaways

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There are millions of people across the world who enjoy playing slot games, and thanks to online casinos, this number is increasing every single day. If you are interested in a high-quality online casino slot game, then we highly recommend you try out Gold Megaways. Developed by Big Time Gaming, this slot combines arcade-like graphics, engaging gameplay and lots of potential matching symbol combinations. In this article, we are going to review Gold Megaways and explore the gameplay mechanics, bonus features and much more.


Gold Megaways Game Background

The theme of Gold Megaways is centred around a high-end luxury lifestyle. The background is a red curtain with golden glitter floating in front. The reel itself is golden and has golden lights on either side that flicker on and off. 

Everything is brilliantly designed while still maintaining an arcade-like feel and retro graphics. The symbols on the reel depict images such as luxury jewellery, fancy cars, and gold credit cards. Each symbol is creatively designed to intrigue modern players while still not looking out of place in a classic casino. 

The game’s animations are seamless but choppy. They are animated to a high standard making the game easy to play and view visually. The animators can do an amazing job at making the game feel modern with a choppy animation style. The choppiness makes the game feel old-school, as if the player is actually standing in a high-end casino in Las Vegas. The accompanying soundtrack also fits perfectly and further amplifies the design and atmosphere of the game. 


Gold Megaways RTP and Volatility

The RTP and volatility are major factors that you should always consider before playing an online slot game. They can affect the overall experience greatly. Here is an overview of RTP and volatility and their role within Gold Megaways:

  • RTP (Return To Player): The RTP of a slot game reflects how much a machine pays out in tidal compared to what is put in. The RTP of Gold Megaways is 96.42% which is quite high compared to other mainstream slot games, with the RTP of most games decreasing over the years. This is a strong RTP, although this does not mean that 96.42% of what is paid in will be returned to the player, as payouts are determined at random. 
  • Volatility: The volatility of a slot references how players can expect returns to be made in play. So, for example, a low volatility slot means the slot will pay out often, but the payouts will be low value. High volatility slots will pay out less frequently, but the payouts will be of higher value. Gold megaways is a very highly volatile slot; this means that matching combinations will come very infrequently, but the eventual wins could be of very high value. Many players find high-volatility slots boring. However, others find the possibility of landing high-value combinations exciting. 

It is important to remember that these are both purely theoretical, and your individual gaming experience may not follow these predictions. Recognise both factors to ensure this game is right for your individual preferences but don’t hold out on them. Just because you wager £100 does not mean you are entitled to any prize money regardless of the RTP or volatility. 


Gold Megaways Slot Bonuses

Gold Megaways is home to many bonus features which enhance the overall gameplay experience and enjoyment of Gold Megaways. Landing three or more scatters will trigger the Gold Megaways free spins round. You will have to spin a prize wheel to determine how many free spins you will receive. However, if you are able to land more than three scatters, every additional scatter will add four spins to your total. 

There is also the expanding reels bonus feature. During this round, you will find the Expansion symbol feature that is present in the white rabbit. Whenever this symbol appears, it is replaced by two symbols, increasing the number of symbols on each reel. 

If you are able to expand to ten symbols in Gold Megaways, you will receive eight more free spins. It also turns all wilds on that reel into wild multipliers.


Gold Megaways Slot Demo

We highly recommend searching for an online casino which offers a demo version of Gold Megaways. Demos are incredibly useful as they can provide you with an opportunity to get a feel for the game and try out the gameplay features, mechanics, bonuses and everything else the slot has to offer to ensure it is the right game for you before you spend any of your hard-earned money. 


Gold Megaways Summary

Gold Megaways is a well-designed slot that makes you feel like you are playing a classic arcade-style slot in a physical casino in Las Vegas. The gameplay is very engaging, and it has multiplier bonus features. If you like this slot, then we highly recommend playing the demo and then moving on to the real things after you’ve decided whether the game is for you or not. 

Please always remember to gamble responsibly and stick to a budget. Gambling can be a very enjoyable pastime, but it’s important to ensure it stays that way and doesn’t start to negatively affect your life in any way. With all that being said, hopefully, now you have a deeper understanding of Gold Megaways and have all the information necessary to go and play this online casino slot game today!

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