A Guide to Improve Your Online Gaming Experience

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There is nothing more frustrating than being close to winning a heated battle, and the game suddenly starts lagging. That’s just how it is with online gaming; you never know when the server could crash or when the game is going to freeze inexplicably. Many reasons could cause lags and crashes when it comes to online gaming. One huge reason that is rarely discussed is the geographical location of the games server.

The further away the server is, the slower the gameplay will be since it will take a bit longer for data packets to travel from your computer to the server and back (the time it takes for a signal to travel this route is called “ping time”). Besides ping times, what will affect online gameplay is the condition of your system and the game settings. Luckily, there are steps you can take to reduce the lag and enjoy a better online gaming experience with less frustration!


#1 Use Ethereum instead of WiFi

Unfortunately, WiFi connectivity might not be stable enough to ensure a great online gaming experience. While most online games can run smoothly on WiFi, there are times that you might need a more stable connection to better your performance.

To speed up the gameplay and enjoy a better overall gaming experience, you should switch to Ethernet, which is a much more reliable Internet connection solution. Ethernet functions with no interference when compared to a WiFi connection, which is why is often favored by professional online gamers. Plug an Ethernet cable directly into your router and connect it with the computer for better and smoother connectivity.


#2 Close All Background Programs

Programs running in the background that actively use your bandwidth could prove to be a primary reason you experience lag-related issues while gaming online. The fact of the matter is that running multiple programs at the same time will make both your internet and computer much slower. Just like when we are multitasking, we won’t place all of our focus on a single task because other tasks also call for our attention.

The computer works the same way, the more programs it has to run, the slower it performed. Make sure to close all programs before you start gaming. You can check which applications are running in the background by going to the Task Manager (Windows) or the Activity Monitor (Mac). While you’re at it, make sure to turn off any automatic updates and downloads that might be happening during the gameplay.


#3 Optimize Game Settings

Another reason your game might not be running as smoothly as you would like might have nothing to do with your connection speed. The culprit could prove to be your hardware. Thus, it is highly advised to adjust your game’s settings in accordance with your computer’s capabilities. Try reducing the graphics settings. While doing so will make the game not as pleasing visually, the overall gameplay experience will definitely improve. If you wish to max out all those settings, consider updating your hardware.


#4 Update Drivers

Updating graphics drivers is a critical step in the process of enhancing your gaming experience. Many people neglect this step because constant updates can get quite annoying. However, there are many benefits to updating your drivers. For starters, a graphics driver is simply the software that allows programs to utilize your computer’s graphics hardware more efficiently. With each new update, your gaming experience will improve.

If you skip the updates, you’re going to miss out on new technological advancements and stay stuck with poor performance. Besides, updating your drivers is an essential part of virtual security, as they come along with security patches that serve as a preventive measure against malicious activities.


#5 Use a VPN

Last but not the least, you can improve your online gaming experience by using VPNs otherwise known as Virtual Private Networks. A VPN can is usually used for various security-related reasons. However, there are more benefits to using a VPN for gaming than just speed. A VPN allows you to overcome certain geographical boundaries, meaning you can play online games no matter which country you’re located in (some games offer limited access to only selected countries, which is a bummer, but it can be solved using a VPN software).

Furthermore, a VPN will keep your data safe and secure while you’re gaming. Despite all the rumors that VPN slows down your internet speed, many VPN providers offer services specifically tailored for gamers and designed to improve the overall gaming experience.

Using these five tips will help you put an end to the frustrating lags and crashes while gaming online. Make sure to pay attention to each step to improve your overall gaming experience. Leave a comment below and let us know if this guide helped you enhance your gaming endeavors!


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