A Little About The Fortress of the Darkfang

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Fortress of the Darkfang

It is much more difficult for the Alliance to get there. First, you need to arrive at Southshore, which is located in the Hillsbrad Foothills. From there, the long journey west begins. You must constantly go along the main road until you come across Serebryany Bor. From there, go further west, then north. This will take you to Shadowfang Keep.


Recommended classes

Tanks and healers work well here. By themselves, the inhabitants of the dungeon are simple, but they will spoil life with constant debuffs and powerful magical damage. Miles and classes that can clear imposed debuffs work well. You can also take characters with skinning skills, as most mobs are happy to part with them.



Alas, this dungeon is not rich in tasks. In addition, they are only available to the horde, which can be a great disappointment for lovers of the Alliance who have arrived from the long journey.


Death to Arugal!

The purpose of this quest is to get the head of the Supreme Mage Arugal – the last boss in the dungeon. Naturally, he will not want to part with her just like that, so the team needs to be fully prepared for the battle.


Shadowfang’s Lost Deathguards

Here you will need to find the missing death guards. Despite their death, you can have a heart-to-heart talk with them in the dungeon itself. After talking with Vincent, the quest will be considered completed.


The Book of Ur

The purpose of the quest is the book of the same name, which is guarded by Fenrus the Devourer. Pay a visit to this comrade and complete the quest with your head held high.



Despite the low level, this dungeon is popular among players. The excitement is primarily focused on a large amount of good loot, as well as fast leveling due to the convenient location of the dungeon. Furthermore, Darkfang Fortress is definitely suitable for starting fast leveling, does not require special costs, and gives a good return, both in terms of loot and experience. Definitely worth running at least once on your way to max level.

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Despite the small number of tasks, the dungeon is simply teeming with bosses. Below we will consider each of them, and also give the optimal strategies for passing them.



This worgen is both a tank and a DD. Kills calmly, does not require any tricks. The only thing that needs to be done is to pull the mobs around him. They need to be demolished first, otherwise, they can spoil the course of the battle.


Fel Horse and Fel Steed

Unlike all bosses in the location, these horses live peacefully in their stables and do not touch the players. If you nevertheless decide to offend the horses, then you must immediately prepare to turn one of them into a sheep. No matter how carefully you try to aggro them one by one, the whole crowd will rush at you. Special attention must be paid to the healer since the horses take a huge amount of damage.


Razorfang Butcher

The most ordinary tank, which can be easily hammered by a crowd. Just do not forget to clean the room first, otherwise, the wolf will gain an advantage and a bite on the barrel for the whole team.


Baron Srebrolen

This boss is already dangerous, as it has a high level (24) and a Shroud of Shadow, which reduces all healing abilities by 75%. Combined with his damage output, this will give him a huge advantage over the tank. The best thing here will be to help the healer to heal the tank for hybrid classes, otherwise, he will quickly fall and the whole team will get an unpleasant acquaintance with the Baron’s club.


Commander Ruchedol

Brookdol will attack with two mobs – the Ghost Servant and the Wailing Guard. The first must be destroyed immediately, the second taken away from the melee group, otherwise, it can throw a group silence, which will most likely cause a wipe. The commander himself should also be away from the entire group.


Odo the Blind Guard

This werewolf will be waiting for you with two bats. The latter has the ability to disarm, which can cause a wipe. In the beginning, you need to pull away and destroy the mice. After that, the tank must create a threat to the boss, and only after that, you can safely kill him.


Death Servant Captain

This boss can ruin the life of the whole group well with his cleaving blow. That is why the main task of the tank is to throw it away from the rest of the group. In general, with the observance of caution, it is calmly killed.


Fenrus the Devourer

A huge wolf with poisonous saliva. Does not require special tactics and tricks, calmly killed by the crowd.


Wolf Master Nandos

Chief among the worgen. Initially, you need to kill his minions. He will constantly summon them, so you need to destroy them as quickly as possible. Then just switch to Nandos, and so on in turn, until you kill the boss.


Archmage Arugal

The last and most difficult boss in the dungeon. It will ruin your life with its teleports and inflict a huge amount of damage using the lightning of the abyss. You need to put your RDDs on the platform so that they can counter Arrugal’s DPS. To ruin the boss’s life, put DPS in place of his teleportation. As a result, with the correct placement, through the battle, but it is quite possible to kill the boss.

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