A New Chapter Coming For DEAD BY DAYLIGHT

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One of the most popular games out there and often reaching the top 10 most viewed games on Twitch is Behaviour Digital’s game Dead by Daylight. Currently, it uses a more fundamental set up where the player who plays as the Killer is the host of the lobby and then players who are survivors will join that lobby as they are connected.

Before getting into the servers and promises from the developers, the most exciting and soon to launch aspect for Dead by Daylight is its next Chapter: Darkness Among Us. For the first time ever, the killer is a fellow human, and will be hard to decipher between a survivor and a killer. The tenth chapter also brings another first to the game as we are given a snow-laden map. The DLC chapter is set to launch on December 11th and will include:

  • 1 New Killer + Perks and Power — The Legion
  • 1 New Survivor + Perks—Jeff Johansen
  • 1 New Map—Mount Ormond Resort
  • 1 Exclusive Item—Jeff’s In the Shadow of Death shirt

Now, the future of Dead by Daylight is actually looking very bright! This past year we have seen a new DLC chapter added every quarter of the year, bringing us a total of four new packs. At The Game Awards 2018, the game’s director Mathieu Côté can be quoted stating, “We plan to keep this game alive for at least the next five years and to show our dedication, essentially, tonight we are announcing that dedicated servers are coming this summer.”

They will be migrating from a peer-to-peer network to dedicated servers on all platforms by the end of summer 2019! With that being the number one requested change to the game, it is sure to bring longevity to the game and stable entertainment to the fans.

Not to mention that the promise of keeping the game alive for at least the next five years means we are likely to see over 10 more chapters! The game won’t be the same in just a few years and the list of killers and survivors, perk setups, and offerings will be beyond predictability.

I am excited to see all the changes and updates coming to Dead by Daylight and to know that the team behind the game will continue to be behind it in the coming years.

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