A NEW POKEMON SNAP Game Coming Out In April!

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Pokémon Snap

Pokémon Snap is finally getting a new game! Despite coming out with generation after generation of new Pokémon and new Pokémon games, Nintendo has been giving up the classic and famous picture-taking adventure in the past, but they are bringing it back. Simply called it New Pokémon Snap, this new game will release on Nintendo Switch this coming April 30th and will come out with a wide variety of Pokémon from all generations.

Get ready to get back in your auto-railed hovercar again and have your camera at the ready. Just like the first game, your photos will be assessed by the professor and numbers will be based on your subjects’ poses, how big they appear, how they’re facing you, and their placement within the frame. While you are out there, you may get to see Pokémon look and behave in many ways than before.

Whether you play the original game on N64 or are a new, young enthusiast of the series, this is clearly an exciting game to wait for. Are you ready to start loading up your new Photodex with great looking pictures?


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