A New Way of Gambling: Video Game Gambling

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Gambling has always been popular but there is a new trend that is sweeping the crowds and that is video game gambling. In this modern era, nearly every type of traditional casino game has been refurbished. You can find blackjack, poker, bingo, and slots sites online. So now you don’t have to go to your local casino to play your favorite game. You can just do it from the comfort of your home.

Naturally, gambling has been associated with bad things, from bad people to bad mindsets, ruining peoples’ lives, etc. However, like all categories of the gaming industry gambling too has evolved. How did it do that?

Personally, I feel that mobile games popularized a way of monetizing games, which is a very subtle form of gambling. Almost all mobile games have a pay to win feature. Take Temple Run, for example, you can die if you miss an obstacle, and to continue you could either wait a certain amount of time or pay a small amount of money to continue from the place you died at. The price isn’t much, so If you’re impatient to build up your high score you wouldn’t mind spending a few dollars.

Computer games, as well as mobile games, have introduced another way of the pay to win feature. Online games such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and many others introduced loot boxes to their faithful players. A loot box is an actual box that you can find in a map or a room while roaming around with your character. This box contains a new skin, a unique armor or weapon, even an upgrade that isn’t available anywhere else in the game. To open this box you don’t need to spend hours looking for a rare key because the key lies in your wallet, bank account, or credit card. If you do this you won’t need to spend days and nights into getting your character a higher level, you’ll have a staggering advantage against other players. If you get bored you can always trade your loot for a bigger or better item or skin. You can even sell a well built, high-level character online. There are web sites that offer this type of transaction.

Gaming has always been based on skill. So back in 2014, the Unikrn platform was created. It is a platform intended for e-sports gambling but not in a classic way, as in who wins or loses a match. The players bet on themselves, or specifically their skills. The higher their game profile rating is, the better chance they have of winning a bet.

The person who put the most effort into a game should have no trouble competing with other players. Nowadays the person who has more money can easily trample a skilled player just because that person has better items. This puts pressure on other gamers. A pressure to buy an item to enhance their characters’ abilities. And if your gaming audience is made up of children, it may have a negative effect on them in the future-they might actually develop a gambling problem without even knowing it.

All in all, I would say that video game gambling is becoming more popular, and to keep it safe certain restrictions should be put in place.


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