A Quiet Place Is Getting A Video Game

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Quiet Place game

A Quiet Place, the horror/sci-fi movie series about a blind alien invasion, is being adapted into a video game by iLLOGIKA, a Canadian studio made up of former Behaviour Interactive, Eidos Montréal, and Ubisoft developers.

Saber Interactive revealed earlier today that they will be publishing, with a tentative release date penciled in for some time in 2022. This is all we know, No trailer, no gameplay description, not even any concept art. Though given the reputation of the movies, and the clear and obvious ways they can be turned into a video game, maybe they didn’t need to share any of that stuff yet.

The Quiet Place movies are about an alien invasion of Earth, only this time the aliens are blind but also have a supernatural hearing. Nearly everyone on the planet is killed by these monsters, with the exception of a few survivors who have learned to live very quietly.

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