Accessories to Make you a Superior Gamer

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Accessories to Make you a Superior Gamer 

When playing PC games, you want to create the best environment for success. Thankfully the desktop computer (or laptop) is the most versatile of gaming platforms when it comes to accessories. So what can make you a better gamer?

Whether you are somebody who enjoys to make it big with free bingo, going to battle on League of Legends, or fighting as part of an elite team in Overwatch there are certain accessories that can help you gain an edge. Here are some options that are coming to the market in 2016:

Dual Monitors

If your graphic card is capable of working with dual monitors, and more are, then this can be one way to extend your view in gaming. These monitors can be used to extend your viewpoint in your first person shooter, or to give you give you an edge in a strategy game. For streamers, another monitor can also be used to handle the ever needful chat people who want to gain your attention.

Surround Sound Headset

Headsets can be invaluable to a gamer, especially in first person shooters. With a game like Overwatch which is designed to give you audible hints on to which character is close to you, a good surround sound headset can really help you in battle.

Kontrol Freak Gamesticks

While many players on PC will use keyboard and mouse, there are times that controllers will be used. To gain an edge here, and extend the life of your gamepad game stick extenders like the Kontrol Freak Gamesticks can be used to give you better accuracy and movement during battle.

Gaming Glasses

For long bouts of game-playing, you need to keep your eyes protected. With protection against the glare of the sun, and reflections around you, these glasses can keep your focus from being hindered. This will mean that you’ll be able to play at your best, leaving the only question being if you are skilful enough to win the game.

Virtual Reality

With the arrival of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Virtual Reality is finally here. The price may be too much for many right now, but expect big things from these devices, as well as the PlayStation VR for consoles.



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