ACE COMBAT 7 Will Not Be A Long Game

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ACE COMBAT 7 will not be a long game as the previous games. When asked about the length of the game in a recent interview with WCCFtech, series producer Kazutoki Kono had this to say.

“As we’re developing Ace Combat 7 on the next generation console for the first time, we’re really trying to balance the allocation of resources versus playtime because we’re developing it from the ground up. We really took it into consideration how many hours the fan or consumer might be expecting to find on a brand new console, brand new launch. Right now, we’ve landed volume-wise somewhere in between four and five (hours), which I think is a great volume. I think there’s going to be a lot of playability and replayability between, of course, the campaign mode, the multiplayer elements that will be added on, as well as the VR experience.”

This news is really disappointing to me since my last playthrough of ACE COMBAT 5 a month ago took me 8 hours to complete. However, the fact that the game is being completely made from the ground up makes it no surprise.


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