Acer’s Latest Predator 21X Gaming Laptop is Mind Blowing

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Acer’s Latest Predator 21X Gaming Laptop

Today Acer released their latest gaming laptop, the Predator 21X. According to the company it’s the world’s first curved screen laptop, boasting a 21-inch monster of a display.

Also, it has some crazy features like Tobii eye tracking so you can move the in-game view with your eyes. It also has a full-size, illuminated mechanical keyboard and a numerical keypad that flips over to reveal a hidden trackpad.

Acer’s Latest Predator 21X Gaming Laptop

The specs are rightfully ridiculous too: It sports a 7th generation Core processor and has dual GeForce GTX 1080 graphics. To top it off, there’s a subwoofer and a 4.1 sound system inside.

There’s a window in the top left that shows one of five fans spinning in all its illuminated glory. Next to that we have a random decal of a flying ice dragon, because this laptop didn’t look scary enough.

And when you close the screen, there’s a small gap between the keyboard and the screen — thanks curved display!

Acer’s Latest Predator 21X Gaming Laptop

The machine looks like it’s going to devour everything you have at home overnight — possibly including your children. Calling a laptop Predator apparently means it has to look like the love child of an alien space ship and a Lamborghini.

I might not be the target demographic for this, but would you buy this laptop? Let us know in the comments.


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