Action RPG BATORA: LOST HAVEN Release Date Trailer

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Team17 revealed Batora: Lost Haven last month, Stormind Games’ upcoming interplanetary action RPG, would be coming out on October 20th. The indie adventure game is almost upon us as we wait with bated breath.

The story of Batora: Lost Haven comes with exploring alien planets in a futuristic galaxy where the line between black and white is almost all but gone, leaving only grey left. The player will empower the hero Avril’s unique abilities by utilizing different combat styles to surmount deadly foes, solve intricate puzzles, and partake in missions from local residents of the planets you visit. The choices you make will shape the story and decide how you reach your fabled Lost Haven.

Batora: Lost Haven will include a polarity-switching mechanic where you will make use of the dual powers of the Sun and Moon to challenge enemies and the environment. The story will have multiple branching paths and different endings.

Batora: Lost Haven will release on October 20th, for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S consoles, with a release date on Nintendo Switch launch to follow at a later time.

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