ACTON BLINK S Compact Electric Skateboard

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The ACTON Blink S is nimble and quick. Its compact design makes this electric skateboard easy to strap to a bag or store in small spaces. Every BLINK S is outfitted with a powerful hub motor, premium components, and leading technologies making this the perfect e-board for riders of all ages and skill levels.

Due to popular demand, our first two batches are all sold out. Pre-order now to secure an April shipment. Limited availability.

Speed: 15 MPH

Range: 7 Miles

Incline Rate: 15%


Hub Motor

The Hub Motor allows for an incredibly reliable, powerful, streamlined, and above all, easy to maintain a product. With reduced tension in the wheels, ACTON’s BLINK Boards all function as normal longboard when off or out of battery.


Speed – 15 mph

Reaching a speed of 15 mph and climbing 15° hills, the BLINK S is perfect for users looking for a powerful yet affordable way to get around.



The BLINK S cuts out unnecessary parts making for one of the lightest electric skateboards on the market, all while maintaining the same great features.


Regenerative Braking

After countless hours of research and testing, ACTON has now introduced regenerative breaking into its BLINK line. Not only does it allow for increased range and reduced power consumption, but it provides safety to users through a reliable braking technology.


Integrated Lights

ACTON is lighting the way. Every BLINK Board on ACTON’s new line comes equipped with integrated light strips. Whether it’s keeping an eye on the road, traveling in style, or even alerting traffic on your commute home, ACTON’s has you covered.


Functional Tail
The Blink S features a functional tail, allowing riders to carve sharp corners and maneuver in dense locations.


Smart Features

ACTON also allows riders to take full advantage of these high-quality features through the ACTON app on both the App Store* and Google Play Store**. Do anything from tracking the distance you’ve traveled to staying in touch with the ACTON community all with just your phone. If you’re feeling for the challenge, you can even change the Speed Mode to provide a faster and more immersive experience.

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