Adam Savage Revealed An Awesome 1989 BATMAN Modular Grapnel Gun Prop Replica

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BATMAN Modular Grapnel Gun Prop Replica

In a recent video from Tested, Adam Savage showcases a remarkable prop replica of Batman’s iconic Modular Utility Grapnel Launcher from Tim Burton’s 1989 film Batman. The prop replica was created by the skilled replica makers at Paragon FX Group, and its intricate design and flawless finish left Savage thoroughly impressed.

In the video, Savage handles the machined aluminum prop and marvels at its high-quality construction. He notes that the replica’s feel and finish are so impeccable that they perfectly capture the experience of wielding the Dark Knight’s signature gadget. Savage’s admiration for the replica is so great that he goes on to say that it’s even better than the original prop, which he has also held in his hands.

The Modular Utility Grapnel Launcher is a crucial piece of Batman’s arsenal, and this officially licensed replica is a must-have for any hardcore collector. The replica features different attachments that connect seamlessly and can be used in various ways. Savage demonstrates how the attachments work and shares the story of the real-life grapnel launcher that Jamie Hyneman made for MythBusters.

Overall, this replica is an excellent example of how skilled craftsmen can recreate iconic props and capture the essence of the original design. With the upcoming release of new Batman movies, it’s the perfect time to get your hands on this amazing prop replica and feel like the Dark Knight himself.

This gadget isn’t cheap as it costs $800, If you want to spend it on this cool-looking gadget, you can order it here.

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