Adam Savage Revealed The Original Jen Gelfling Costume From THE DARK CRYSTAL

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 Original Jen Gelfling Costume From THE DARK CRYSTAL

The Dark Crystal was one one of those movies that made my imagination explode. It was also such a gorgeously crafted movie! The talented artistic crew at the Jim Henson Company made some amazing sets, props, and costumes. The movie is a true work of art.

Adam Savage recently shared a video on Tested in which he check out the original Jen Gelfling costume from the movie and it’s really cool to see all of the great little details and care that was put into making these things!

Adam is stunned by the beauty and craft of this original costume for Jen in the classic Jim Henson film The Dark Crystal! Prop Store’s Brandon Alinger explains how this Gelfling costume was carefully restored when he added it to his personal collection and how any reconstruction blends with the original materials and processes used to fabricate it. From tunic to cape, every little detail of this small-scale costume adds to the world building of Jim Henson’s dark fantasy masterpiece.

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