After Goat Simulator, Now We Get Raccoon Simulator SNACCOON

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Screenshots have delivered a first look Snaccoon, an upcoming raccoon-themed exploration game by indie developer Christian Sparks.

Snaccoon got lots of attention for its premise at Gamescom 2022. The developer has expressed his intention to keep devlogs to quarterly updates, because of the other commitments they have.

The game puts players in control of a greedy, and smarter-than-average raccoon, living in a densely-populated city. The raccoon loved snack foods, but unfortunately for him, the local government banned his favorite treats. The only way to acquire the junk food he craves is by getting involved in the city’s black market.

Players will need to help their raccoon smuggle through the streets and loot items that can be traded in order to work up to the end goal of the prohibited snacks. Trying to evade detection plays a large part, as size isn’t really on the protagonist’s side. Creeping through back alleys and pressing through vents is a must.

The release date has yet to be affirmed, but the game is available on the wishlist for PC via Steam.

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