Age of the Gods: The Game-Changing Online Gaming Series?

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When do you think of video game franchises that have a vast number of sequels and prequels, which spring to mind? Mario Bros.? Sure. Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider series? Most definitely. There are endless examples, of course. But can you say the same thing about casino games? We aren’t talking about games like roulette and poker – those are genres of games. Instead, we mean franchises, series of games branded and themed with certain characters and themes.

There are a few we can cite in the world of online casinos. Rainbow Riches by the developer Barcrest has lots of different releases and is considered a classic series of games. But it’s standard fare, based on leprechauns and pots of gold. Monopoly-themed games are also quite the hit, and you can see how it makes sense to create casino games based on the popular property-trading board game.

Age of the Gods Rises Above the Rest

But towering above anything else in terms of ambition and creativity is Playtech’s Age of the Gods (AOTG) series. Created in 2017, there are now 14 different types of casino games at mansioncasino from the AOTG series, and more new titles are arriving all the time. Put simply; it’s the most expansive casino game series in history.

To appreciate AOTG and what it represents, it’s best to put aside preconceptions of what to expect from a casino game. These are games with a story to tell about myths, gods, and monsters. A typical AOTG game, such as Prince of Olympus or Mighty Midas, will focus on a particular tale. In the case of Prince of Olympus, for example, it’s the story of Hercules. So, the game focuses on the legendary hero, offering bonus rounds where you will battle the Hydra, etc.

As you might expect, focusing on these themes gives Playtech a huge range of stories to draw upon when creating new games. Almost all the early releases were based on the Greek myths, but new games now draw inspiration from other areas. AOTG Norse King of Asgard, for example, is one of the hottest new titles, and it is based on the tales of Norse mythology. Video game fans will recognize that the popular series, God of War, went in a similar direction, moving the action from ancient Greece to Norway.

Games Are Connected Through Explosive Jackpot Feature

Aside from the thematic links between AOTG games, it is worth mentioning that they are connected in other ways. Most importantly, each AOTG is linked through a progressive jackpot network. Four jackpot prizes are constantly growing in the game, and they are funded by taking a small percentage (about 1%) from every bet. Any spin on any game can randomly trigger the AOTG Jackpot game, where you will be guaranteed to win one of four jackpots. The top prize, Ultimate Power, can reach several hundred thousand dollars.

It’s difficult to point to a ‘best’ game in the series as each player will have an individual preference. However, a good starting point is with the original Age of the Gods game. This features a mix of gods – Athena, Aphrodite, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hercules – as well as the villain of the game, Hades. As such, each god has a special bonus feature, and the game forms a fine introduction as to what the AOTG series is all about.

A lot of credit must go to the series’ developers, Playtech. It started a franchise from scratch, and it has continued to push the boundaries by opening up different worlds to casino players. There is an almost unlimited amount of source material to keep the series going and players interested, and it’s exciting to think of where they will head next with the mighty Age of the Gods games.

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