AI Made This Amazing Nike Commercial After Studying 7 Years of Ads

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Nike Commercial

Advertising is not easy. For every “I’m lovin’ it” or “Just Do It” there are many other crappy, forgettable slogans that never catch up. But it’s nearly 2020 and that means the brave marketing gurus have got the task to capture our hearts, minds, and wallets have a great new ally: Artificial intelligence.

TNW caught up with the advertisement’s creator, Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec, via email, who shared their motivation for the project with us:

I work in advertising as a copywriter and AI and neural networks are definitely part of a big discussion in the industry. As a creative I’m fascinated by neural networks especially when it comes to neural networks being able to generate art, paintings, music etc.

I wanted to experiment with it myself at first hand and try to generate a commercial. So I took one of the most iconic brand in the world, Nike, and started to look for all of the brand manifesto commercials I could find.

Nike just made sense because they are definitely highly regarded in the industry, and I knew I would get enough data to get interesting results.


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