ALIEN ISOLATION Headlines New Surprise Additions To Xbox Game Pass!

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Earlier this month we got news about the new titles that would join Xbox Game Pass in the month of February. It seems as though that wasn’t all the news we are getting this month as another set of games has just been announced! Starting tomorrow, February 21, Game Pass subscribers will be able to download and play the previously reported Batman: Return to Arkham Collection as well as new Headlander and Disney’s Epic Mickey 2.

On February 28, subscribers are getting access to The Walking Dead Season 2, which comes right on the heels of The Walking Dead Season 1 which launched earlier in the month. Also available on the 28th is Alien Isolation. Alien Isolation is a fabulous first-person horror game that puts gamers into the role of Amanda Ripley daughter to Ellen Ripley of the Alien movies. Stuck on a space station you must avoid the Xenomorph and find a way to endure and save herself from the Aliens!


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