All Animal Locations in Far Cry New Dawn

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All Animal Locations in Far Cry New Dawn

You need to start exploring the indicated locations to find all 25 animals needed for the “Master Skinner” achievement in Far Cry New Dawn. It is not this hard to find the rarest of animals, you don’t have to waste hours searching the woods for a raccoon, animals can be found quite easily all you have to do is get to the location and roam around for a while. You can even buy maps for the animals at the Cartography room. However, there are no maps sold for the seven animals: Cattle, Skunk, Rattlesnake, Hare, Crocodile, Shark, and Bull. Those animals are often found during expeditions or just roaming around in the woods. Always bring “Timber” the dog with you to the hunt, as he will identify nearby animals for you to hunt easily. Don’t forget to skin the animals after killing them so it will be counted towards the “Master Skinner” achievement. From the inventory menu, you can check which skins you already got and which animal hunt you have to go to next. Note: Birds and few of the animals that do not give skins are goats, sheep, turkeys and are not required for the achievement.

Video Timeline:

    1. Deer – 0:052.
    Pronghorn – 0:313.
    Skunk – 0:534.
    Rattlesnake – 1:505.
    Hare – 2:176.
    Wild Dog – 3:517.
    Cattle – 4:128.
    Elk – 5:189.
    Caribou – 5:3510.
    Boar – 5:5611.
    Wolverine – 6:2112.
    Wolf – 6:4413.
    Crocodile – 7:0614.
    Shark – 7:4415.
    Demon Fish – 8:3316.
    Bull – 8:5517.
    Bison – 9:1218.
    Moose – 9:3719.
    Black Bear – 10:1520.
    Grizzly Bear – 10:3121.
    Cougar – 10:5322.
    Monstrous Bison – 11:1923.
    Monstrous Boar – 11:4224.
    Monstrous Bear – 12:1125.
    Monstrous Cougar – 13:04

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