All-in-One Retro Raspberry Pi Game Console

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All-in-One Retro Raspberry Pi Game Console

If you love retro games and want to relive the olden days once again then you are in luck, Now you can play games from Sega, Atari, Nintendo and others. A new All-in-One retro Raspberry Pi game console called the Mini Emu might be worth more investigation.

The Mini Emu Raspberry Pi games console has been built by Sumbo Design and includes 40 retro game consoles in a small custom games console that will also allow you to store 1000’s of games.

Mini Emu is basically a Raspberry Pi that has been loaded with open source emulation software and for €99 includes 8GB MINI-EMU Console Bundle consisting of Game Console, Game Controller, 8GB Pre-Loaded OS Card, Quick Start Guide and HDMI + Power Cables.

All-in-One Retro Raspberry Pi Game Console

“We’ve launched our Stretch Goals! We’ve made the first two extremely easy to reach because we want to give all of you access to our new website and a special Kickstarter edition console. There is still plenty of time left in our campaign to reach these goals.”

The campaign offers a variety of different Raspberry Pi configurations to suit your budget and requirements.


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