All Three Bioshock Games Are Free On PC Right Now!

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All three Bioshock games on PC are absolutely free right now on Epic Games Store giveaway.

You can get, download, and install Bioshock: The Collection on PC via the Epic Games Store. This bundle comes with remastered and touched-up versions of Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock: Infinite. The collection also comes with all of the single-player DLC packs and expansions released for the games, including the Bioshock 2 DLC, Minerva’s Den.

As with past free games from Epic, it’s yours forever once you create an account and redeem the game. And as usual, this offer is only for the PC versions.

Pick up right now the Bioshock Collection for zero dollars and zero cents, deal expires on June 2. After that, Epic will move on to its next free giveaway.

Bioshock and Bioshock 2 are awesome sims, or at least I and many others think so. Some don’t think the games are as deep or mechanically interesting as older imsim hits like System Shock, or newer genre games like Prey. Regardless, in Bioshock and its sequel, you examine a creepy and abandoned underwater city, Rapture. It was once a utopia, but greed, superpowers, and rich people destroyed all that. Typical. Throughout the games, you upgrade your cool powers and weapons, helping you take on all sorts of nasty splicers, the deadly remaining residents of the failed underwater utopia.

Bioshock Infinite is a bit different. It’s a more straight-up shooter, though it does feature some of the same powers and mechanics as the first two games. In Infinite you play as Booker, a man sent to save a young woman who’s locked up in a tower inside a giant floating city run by a madman. If you are playing the game for the first time ever, in 2022, be prepared for some very blunt and not particularly refined political allegories. But if you can get past some of that stuff, you’ll find a fun, action-packed, and creatively made shooter with a trippy ending and some amazing DLC.

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