All You Need To Know About Nintendo NX

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 Nintendo NX

There is not much revealed about the Nintendo NX and everything is a secret so far. Despite its secrecy, a few secrets have managed to find their way to the web and have been confirmed by others in the industry. Check out below what we know about the upcoming console from Nintendo.

What We Know

  • Nintendo is releasing the NX in March 2017.
  • The console will run off Nvidia’s mobile Tegra processor and feature a new OS and about 32 GB’s of storage.
  • The console has been confirmed by many sources to be a mixture between a handheld and home system.
  • Zelda: Breath of The Wild has been confirmed as a launch title. Pokemon was recently confirmed to be coming within the first year as well, and Mario was rumored a while back. All of the moves seem to make sense as none of them were present on the Wii-U. Square Enix announced they would be bringing Dragon Quest XI and X to the NX.
  • Shigeru Miyamoto says Nintendo intentionally kept the NX out of this year’s E3 for fear of imitation.
  • There’s a lot of mention in numerous interviews about the NX being “Wii” levels of innovation. It sounds more and more like Nintendo will have a big gimmick for this console.
  • Nintendo announced a “Quality of Life” product they were producing in honor of Satoru Iwata around the same time they confirmed the release date.

Things That Are Still Rumors

  • It has been hinted more and more that Nintendo will be returning to a cartridge of some sort. The most solid rumor came back in May when Japanese company Macronix (who makes 3DS cartridges) said they expected a “big order” from Nintendo in their 3rd quarter. This would have put the cartridges in development in plenty of time to ship for the NX launch in Spring.
  • Nintendo may be pursuing a “social” share feature on their controllers to link to social media.
  •  It’s been rumored that Nintendo will be “exploring” the options of VR for the NX.
  • A Neogaf thread said that the NX shoulder buttons feature “scroll wheels” for fast navigation.
  • Super Smash Brothers have been rumored for release. That seems a tad obvious but there has been no indication another game is in development and Nintendo has never ported over a Smash title between consoles.

Only time will confirm these rumors and for the time being, all we hope for is the best. We will update you as new information becomes available.



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