Alligator Skin iPhone Case: Here Are the Best Choosing Tips from Labodet Store

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Alligator Skin iPhone Case

Every single item in Apple’s smartphone assortment looks fantastic. If you don’t believe it, just go to a store or showroom and pick up a new phone, and the magic of Apple begins. You just wonder how beautiful smartphones look, how amazingly comfortable they are in the hand. But any iPhone item needs a sophisticated cover. An alligator skin iPhone case is one of the best choices you can make.

We all know what the fall of this beauty on the asphalt, tiles, and even laminate house leads to. Glass in the front and glass in the back ­ yes, it is very painful and incredibly expensive.

So, in addition to purchasing a new gadget, you should immediately buy a protective glass and cover for it.


A Wide Range of Leather Cases from Parisian Atelier

For many years, the Labodét atelier seduces customers with unique yet useful cases for iPhones. Each Labodét alligator iPhone cover is made from 100% genuine alligator leather. All models are amazingly stylish and sophisticated, and they come over as authentic luxury items. The brand offers a variety of color options to give clients a huge choice of unique units.

Alligator leather mobile cases are crafted very personally in a Parisian shop, with precision and attention to the smallest details. Before choosing a leather unit, you should learn several nuances about it. There are three main types of crocodiles used in the production of leather for accessories:

  • American alligator


  • Nile crocodile


  • Caiman

The first two reptiles have premium skin, but the textures and patterns are diverse. The third, caiman, has special calcium rivets. Respectable brands do not use it to create goods.


Tips for Choosing Leather iPhone Case

Original alligator skin items are expensive because the reptile is an exotic animal, and only some farms allowed selling it to producers. A genuine skin is:

  • soft and pliable to the touch


  • less shiny than artificial


  • featuring symmetrical pattern

Another interesting feature of alligator skin is that it is easy to dye. This peculiarity allows creating a wide variety of colors to choose from for a case. Pay attention to these details and enjoy the original alligator leather accessories.


How Do You Choose the Perfect Case to Protect Your iPhone?

Here are few tips to help you to make the right choice.

  • Review your clothes and determine which colors you prefer to wear often. The case has to match both your clothes and all other accessories. You will be amazed by the huge variety of housing colors for every taste.


  • Choose what kind of leather you would like to have: alligator or other skin, such as calf or ostrich.


  • Determine the type of case you need.

There are ongoing items of Labodet atelier case accessories, and the product range continues to grow. Below is a brief description of the most fabulous and wanted items directly from Paris.

  • Classic cover. This model has an elegant and functional body. Simple but perfect for ladies and gentlemen.


  • Case with a leather strap. Designed to fit a large iPhone comfortably, this case will catch the eye of the public.


  • Pocket and folio. Both options are good for those who want to protect their smartphone screen. The main difference between the two is the way the front of the iPhone case is closed.


  • Wallet or MagSafe. These case accessories are made for people who like to carry around everything they might need, even the charger.

Today, snakeskin, crocodile, and alligator leather covers are no longer considered something special and inaccessible. This luxury accessory can be purchased by any person, regardless of gender, who wishes to have a premium accessory for a high-class gadget.

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