Amazing Coffee Mugs For Coffee Lovers

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You may have had a number of coffee mugs in your life but the HotCold Mug isn’t anywhere close to what you’ve seen before. This is because it’s a mug which can change colors and wordings based on the temperature of the beverage contained within.


Goat story and shepherd’s legacy inspired us to design something original, different and sustainable. GOAT MUG! If you love coffee as much as we do, we’re sure you would LOVE to be able to drink it anytime anywhere. And so would we! That is why we decided to make a coffee mug that is practical and sustainable, but is also a fashion accessory and tells the primeval story of coffee.


He’s definitely a fun character with a cool attitude and this Mr. P Kiss Mug is a clear testament you can see for yourself. In this mug, Mr. P strangely appears to be attempting to kiss a lipstick stain on the mug and looks highly cute while doing so. When the world seems very serious and drenched with work pressure, it’s good to enjoy some fun coffee breaks with such expressive mugs on the table.

Amazing Coffee Mugs For Coffee Lovers

Keep your beverages warm and tasty by storing them in this one of a kind Wave Commuter Mug. It has been beautifully shaped out of porcelain that is soft on the outside and polished on the inside. This helps in keeping your beverage warm (around 10 fluid ounces) for a longer span of time so that you don’t lose out on the deliciousness ever. The mug is topped with a drip filter holder that perfectly fits on top of it and allows you to make your fresh cup of beverage whenever required.


A sheer masterpiece having a meticulous design, the CICLONE Double Walled Demitasse by notNeutral is a must-have for those who have a fascination for innovative glassware. Each set comes with two glasses that have been handmade from borosilicate, a lightweight laboratory-grade glass that is both heat- and scratch-resistant.


Your tiny little pet who looks adorably cute will now be your caffeine companion every day as you drink from the Pug Dog Mug. Bearing your little furry friend’s face on the mug’s exterior makes it a must-have for those who miss their pugs at work or whenever they’re traveling. Apart from the pug’s face imprinted on the mug, it’s a bit different in the way it’s designed which gives a kind of dramatic geometricity to the overall layout.


A Leica Lens is every photographer’s paradise and that’s why you’d want to gift your photographer friend this Leica Lens Mug anyday. It’s a ceramic mug directly inspired from the Leica Lens design which can fit with your everyday lifestyle smoothly and beautifully, specifically if you’re a photography addict and love the Leica camera and lens series.


If you’re too much into the Rubik’s Cube craze, get yourself this enchanting Rubik’s Cube Mug this holiday. This is a 350 ml ceramic mug which resembles the Rubik’s Cube design, only with enough space to store your tea or coffee for those short and refreshing breaks you take during the day.


Relieve yourself from undergoing those plunging tea bag mishaps once and for all by using this Anchor Tea Helper. It’s available in three vibrant colors of navy blue, hot red and tiffany blue and comes in a set comprising 3 buttons. Using this, you’ll be able to anchor your tea bag on the mug handle instead of facing those tea bag plunging accidents time and again. Since it’s made of silicone rubber, you can reuse it whenever required and make the most out of your tea time without taking off your tea bags from the cup.


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