Amazing Features Of The Duke Nukem 3D

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3D Realms has developed and published a shooter video game from the perspective of a first-person. This is called the Duke Nukem 3D which was released in 1996. Originally, it was played on PC but it was optimized for several consoles too.

This game stars Duke Nukem who is a muscular fighter which was voiced by Jon St. John. He is a womanizer and loves guns. Thus, in this article, we will discover some of the best features of the game Duke Nukem 3D.


Amazing Synopsis

In this game, the player will have to take the role of Duke Nukem who is the game’s hero. Then, he will have to fight 28 fight scenes which were divided into three episodes. The player will have to face various enemies and fight those using different weapons.

The game setting is in the early 21st century in lunar stations, Los Angeles, and even space. In this game, aliens have invaded the planet while Duke Nukem was away fighting the Rigelatins in space. When he went back to the Earth, he was shot down. Thereafter, he discovered that humans have vanished. The only humans remaining are the women who are kept by aliens or trapped in slime. In this game, everything was in chaos.

The player will have to fight his way through different levels. He must kill the aliens so he can reach the boss of the enemies. He is tougher and wiser than the rest. The boss is controlling and directing the invasion on Earth.

Apart from the fight scenes, the player must be able to solve puzzles that are available in various forms. These puzzles can lead to bonus and secret levels. You can check the internet for the Duke Nukem 3D free download now.



This game depicts various locations both outdoors and indoors. You can find a game set in the military bases, city streets, flooded cities, deserts, villas, and space stations.

Every level has objects so that the players can interact with it. Some of the objects are drinking fountains, light switches, toilets, surveillance screens, telephones, photocopier, and explosives. These objects can be used to perform various functions. The sink can be smashed to produce water to replenish the player. Indeed, many of these objects can be used more than its conventional purpose.


Level Designs

Critics have high praise for the designs of the game. There is a realistic location which you will not find in any other games at the time of its release.

Meanwhile, there are five episodes in the game. First, the L.A. Meltdown which is set in Los Angeles. In this episode, it will begin in one of the centers of the city before you proceed to a prison. Then, you will have to go to a waste dump and the fault line of San Andreas.

Next, the Lunar Apocalypse which is located on space stations. Third, is the Sharpnel City which includes a movie set, back, and subway. You can check the internet for Duke Nukem 3D free download on these three episodes.

The fourth is the Birth which is available on Atomic Edition. Lastly, the Alien World Order is for the World Tour edition of the Duke.


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