Amazing First Look At The New F1 Game for 2022

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New F1 Game

Check out the very first screenshots from F1 22, this year’s installment in the very impressive series of official F1 games. Before you get too happy about it, there’s no glimpse of the brand new Miami circuit yet, but the abundance of opportunity to stare at the new liveries in these pictures and we’ve been given a slew of gameplay details to boot.

New F1 Game for 2022

While the developer is excited to point out that the car models featured here aren’t finalized, these new screens do give a glimpse of what the all-new spec of F1 machinery should look like in the game. The only absences in these preview shots are the two Mercedes cars and, based on their performance so far this season, it’s doubtful to be because they’re a whole lap and a half ahead of the rest of the field this time.

The handling has been enhanced with a new tire model and simulation of the change in aerodynamics on the new race cars. In addition, there’s a new ‘Immersive’ mode that will involve veteran players in more aspects of race day including organizing safety car procedures, nailing pit stops, and avoiding crashing on the formation lap before the race has even started.

F1 22 tries to give you a taste of the enchanting F1 driver lifestyle off the track as well as on it. A new F1 Life ‘hub’ area will apparently be fully customizable to your tastes and team partnership, allowing you to reveal clothing, accessories, and supercars accumulated as you play.

New F1 Game

The game will finally support PC virtual reality headsets, letting you experience the thrill and fierce nausea of going around a racetrack at triple-digit cornering speeds. Just try not to be sick on the pricey gaming PC running this monster of a game.

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