Amazing Gadgets For Photographers

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Leica 10803 S

Designed to meet the requirements of professional photographers, the Leica 10803 S (Tye 006) 37.5MP SLR Camera is an elegant extension of the Leica S2 professional medium format digital camera. Together with the outstanding image quality and the versatile approach it brings in photography, you can consider this smart tool a small and fast addition to your photographic kit. The joystick based control concept only makes the operation easy-going and simple.

The SWIVIT® PRO 360 degree

Help revolutionize how people capture life’s greatest moments! The SWIVIT® PRO 360 degree multi-position mounts for use with your GoPro Hero® camera will let you capture more happening All AROUND YOU when it really matters… While it’s happening. Features: Full 360-degree rotation in either direction. 8 direction positions. High strength construction. All-weather/environment. Compact. One-handed use. And a lifetime warranty.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

Feel that awesomeness of visualizing the world from your pet’s perspective with this GoPro Fetch Dog Harness. It’s a harness that allows you to mount your GoPro on your dog’s chest or back thus giving you the opportunity of capturing scenic beauties from your dog’s eyes.

CineSquid Suction Cup Camera Mount

Capture your special photographic shots from any angle by using these extremely portable CineSquid Suction Cup Camera Mount. It comes with three strong suction cups that can adhere firmly to any smooth surface. They attach to the flexible GorillaPod Focus tripod which brings you the ultimate camera experience you’d desire during those special moments of life worth capturing.

 iZZi Slim iPhone 5/5s Case

Take your photographic experience with the iPhone to a whole new level with this extremely powerful iZZi Slim iPhone 5/5s Case. It’s an award-winning iPhone case that comes with 4 pro-grade lenses, the addition of which can give your iPhone extra powers to capture crystal clear shots and videos. The case is convenient to use and is not too much of an extra burden to carry around when traveling with your iPhones.

 the GripSnap

With the GripSnap, selfies will never look like selfies again. Use it to take pictures with your smartphone or GoPro anywhere you are! A portable monopod for your phone or GoPro with a super-strong magnetic base? It’s about time! “Selfies” was the word of the year in 2013. In 2014 let’s all agree to start taking selfies that don’t look like selfies — with the GripSnap!

the Sigma dp2 Quattro Camera

By combining the 29MP Foveon X3 Direct Image Sensor with the TRUE III image processing engine, the Sigma dp2 Quattro Camera is capable of bringing high-quality images for you. It requires no interpolation and uses layers of pixels to capture the color data of the red, green, and blue spectrums vertically. Due to the sensor design, you’ll get to enjoy a resolution of 39 megapixels while using this.


MIOPS is a smartphone controllable camera trigger for taking high-speed photos such as lightning strikes, exploding items, breaking glasses, popping balloons, etc… automatically. MIOPS is a standalone, small factor device which can trigger your camera or flash unit. It has three different sensors; light, sound, and laser.

SteadyWheel Camera Stabilizer

To make your action-packed adventures captured for life, make use of this revolutionary SteadyWheel Camera Stabilizer today. Basically targeted for the action sports community in mind, this wheel-shaped stabilizer is made from ABS industrious plastic with the camera mount made of 316 stainless steel.

Stabilizer Dolly

Find a more automatic method of panning your favorite shots through the use of this innovative and far-reached Stabilizer Dolly. By using your iPhone / iPod Touch, this mobile robot can take stunning videos at a glance. The included iStabilizer Mount can be used to hold any tripod with a standard ¼ x20” camera mount.


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