Amazing JAWS Inspired LEGO Set Submitted

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JAWS lego set

Check out this new cool submission to LEGO Ideas that was inspired by Steven Spielberg’s classic movie Jaws. This set was created by Jonny Campbell and it’s got 10,000 supporters already! The project is currently in review and if it actually moves forward, It will be a cool set to own.

The new Lego set includes a detailed model of the Orca, the giant killer shark, and minifigs of Brody, Hooper, and Quint.


JAWS – Based on the 1975 movie directed by Steven Spielberg and the 1974 novel by Peter Benchley this is my JAWS idea.

The set includes Martin Brody, Matt Hooper and Quint mini-figures and wouldn’t be complete without the main star (Bruce) the Shark. The set features an accurately detailed ORCA (the boat) which includes a detailed interior, lots of “sharking/fishing equipment” as well as those famous yellow barrels – “Not with 3 he can’t!”

I built this model because JAWS is my favourite film ever. I have a great passion for both Lego and this movie and I wanted to create my own JAWS set.

I spent quite a long time perfecting my build to ensure I could capture every single detail at mini-figure scale. Although I could probably quote most of JAWS, I re-watched it several times over to ensure I could capture every detail as accurately as possible.

I think this would make a great Lego set as JAWS is such an iconic movie with so many fans worldwide. As a big Lego fan, this is the sort of Lego set that I would want to buy and I think the same could be said for the many other fans of Lego (and JAWS) out there.

Please support Brody, Hooper, Quint and Bruce to help them become a real official Lego set.


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