Amazing Spider-Man Coffee Table

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Amazing Spider-Man Coffee Table

Smithers of Stamford exclusive Limited Edition  Amazing spider-man recycled coffee table, unique design constructed from reclaimed 1978 vintage pinball machine.

Amazing Spider-Man Coffee Table

The original parts are completely refurbished and re used, lighting is converted to modern LEDs.

Casing made from timber and powder coated.

Call it a coffee table ?  but is it spidermans worst nightmare.

Featuring hand carved buildings, automotive car paint with gloss finish. Cool moving elevator lights on a rooftop with helicopter pad and swimming pool with our spidey drowned in it. Lol sorry spiderman fans!

Built by Amazing Hands 300 hrs of love, sweat and laughter.

Manhattan buildings old and new.

Donor pinball from –

The Amazing Spider-Man pinball built by Gottlieb 1978.

This is high end quality and exceptional build with over 300 hours working time to make.

One of a kind and you will not see another one.

Height: 54 cm / 21,5 inches

Length: 147 cm / 57,9 inches
Width: 71,5 cm / 28.5

Weight 40 Kgs

The creator of this cool coffee table is a really nice guy called Andras-his skills are amazing and has the patience of a saint.


Amazing Spider-Man Coffee Table


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