Amazing Tips and Tricks For LOST ARK

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Are you new to Lost Ark and are you in need of helpful information to help you advance and learn game features fast? Check out this guide below for some really helpful tips, which will improve your game.

Lost Ark does not always give you all the details you need to handle everything in the game. There are many things that get hidden away or often ignored that can assist you with everything from Combat to Inventory Management. This manual brings all the details to one place.

Lost Ark gold is primarily used as cash that is traded amongst players, but it also provides into some of the gear upgrading systems which are in the game. It’s one of 7 currencies that is now shared between all figures on a player’s account and not connected to a typical Lost Ark server. If you want to buy gold this is the best place to buy Lost Ark Gold. Gold is also very rare than silver, which is the free in-game cash that is used in the game.


How to level up fast

Unlike many other MMOs in the market, Monster XP is very low in Lost Ark. So even when you want to kill monsters for quests it’s most useful to group them up and use AoE skillfulness to get through them fast. If it’s not quest-connected, you should bypass slaying monsters and leave them be.

However, you can make an exception to assist with the Welcome Tasks and Adventurer’s Tome, which is to defeat any Elite Monsters.

They add a little amount of advancement which can get you valuable items and resources like Silver. These can be specified by an Orange outline or an Icon over their head.

More about Welcome Challenges, these are a useful way to keep track of your progress altogether while they exist. You should be finishing these tasks as they come up. It’s not required to do all of them, but it is quick Silver and other metals.

Don’t get into the quest of 100% of collectibles as you go, unless you actually want them. You never lose access to most of these collectibles, except a few specific Mokoko Seeds later into the game. Everything else can be done at any specific time in the game.

Accessories, your armor, and weapons come with Combat Stats. What stats these roll can give you a little boost while leveling up, and generally assist you clear monsters out quickly. When you get accessories, keep looking for Crit, Swiftness, and Specialization. These 3 stats help the most with fast clearing enemies. Crit raises your Critical Rate; Swiftness boosts your Attack Speed, Move Speed, and Skill Cooldown; and Specialization allows increase your Specialty meter income, which allows most classes to power through opponents faster.

Lost Ark lets you run dungeons solo. MSQ Dungeons are usually faster to finish solo, rather than in a pack. The only benefit you get with a group is being capable to run them on Hard and get little better rewards.


Which quests to do for perfect efficiency

The only quests you should really care about or mind are your Main Story Quests (MSQ). The MSQ alone almost gives you sufficient XP to get to Level 50, or the level needed for endgame content. Once you cross the Luterra Region and are authorized to visit other continents, the blue World Quests turn into your replacement MSQs.

Outside of the MSQ, you always finish Guides Quests. These generally introduce new features of the game, as well as offer rewards tied to those components. They aren’t required to do it right away, but they do deliver helpful items.

The most crucial ones to get ASAP are the Pet Guide, which provides you a pet bunny; and the Ability Stone Faceting Guide, which provides you a few Ability Stones you can facet to enable get Engravings later on. Pets are useful companions that do the loot for you, speeding your advance a lot.

Most Sidequests can be and should be skipped, as they usually only give tiny portions of Silver or Rapport money. While Rapport currency can be useful later, it’s not instantly useful and there are far more useful sources of Rapport items. However, there are Sidequests that give actually good rewards, Engraving Book Chests for example.

Last but not the least, there are Chain Quests, which are tier-step Sidequests. Not like most Sidequests, Chain Quests are always worth doing. They also manage to give rewards that are very useful, for example, Engraving Book Chests. You can always go back for these later, so need to do them right away much like Sidequests, but it’s usually easier to do them as you discover them, so you don’t have to memorize where they all are later in the game.


Inventory Management

While hitting the Ctrl or Alt alongside Left or Right Click will do various things to assist with Inventory management. Check out the quick list of each combo below.

Ctrl + Right Click – Opens Option Menu
This menu lets you to many of the other options detailed here, just with additional steps.

Alt + Right Click – Open/Use Multiple
This is useful for when you have a pile of items, that you want to use all at once.

Ctrl + Left Click – Transfer to Pet Inventory
This permits you to fast move items to your pet inventory.

Alt + Left Click – Applies/removes Sort Lock
Sort Lock stops items from being shifted away from their present location by the Sorting function.

If you have a Pet as well as Crystalline Aura, your pet can be used to fast access Your Storage and Mail. You can fast open the pet menu with Alt + P, and get into it from the Pet Function Section in the lower right.

You can find an Auto-Dismantle feature in the game. To access it, you need to push the Dismantle button in your Inventory. Once in the Dismantle Screen, pick out the Auto-Dismantle Settings button on the lower-left corner.

I recommend setting this to disassemble Normal Items Only While Leveling. White Items are not very common in this game, but they come up occasionally. You will however see a bunch of Uncommon and Rare Gear, which can assist keep your gear at a high item level.


Some Combat Tips

Always read the details about your abilities. These will assist you with determining which skills can be used to control certain boss mechanics and get the whole out of them. These are your mechanics like Stagger, Weak Point, etc.

If you’re laboring to fight a boss, slow down and understand their attacks. There’s no requirement to rush, and usually, you may need to hold specific Stagger skills or Weak Point Skills for specific mechanics. This won’t be too ordinary early on but will be necessary as you get into the game later on or when battling World Bosses.

Now about World Bosses, pay good attention to call-outs for World Boss comes up as you level. These are a useful way to get decent items, and generally, only take some minutes to take down if there’s a group of people. It may delay your leveling a bit, but you gain a lot of valuable things ranging from accessories that can sprint up your current selection of leveling, to cards that can be utilized for amazing bonuses. It gives you more experience battling enemies that don’t just instantly get crushed, which you’ll generally only get from Dungeon Bosses.

There are many options you can select from to tweak your UI to gain an edge with your gameplay in Lost Ark!

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