Amazon Is Preparing For a MASS EFFECT Series Adaptation

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Mass Effect

Amazon Studios is very pleased with how great The Wheel of Time series is doing since it was released, and they are looking to expand in more genre projects concentrating on fantasy and sci-fi. One of those upcoming projects that they are looking to develop is a series adaptation of Electronic Arts’ Mass Effect.

According to Deadline, Amazon Studios is ‘nearing a deal to develop a series based on the best-selling sci-fi video game franchise.” Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke went on to share:

“You will see us continuing to invest in fantasy genre of all kinds, we have a genre-focused team on the ground in Studios who work tirelessly with our creative partners on those slates, and you can look forward to more.’

Mass Effect was created by Casey Hudson, Drew Karpyshyn, and Preston Watamaniuk. The franchise is set in an alternate universe where humans and various alien civilizations have established the Milky Way galaxy using technology apparently left behind by an advanced precursor civilization.

Mass Effect is an excellent and epic video game franchise. if Amazon lands the deal, which they most likely will, I’m sure they will nail the series with a good story and cast.

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