Amazon Prime Got 15 Free Games for April 2023

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Amazon Prime

Amazon has unveiled its latest lineup of games that will be available to download for free next month as part of its Prime Gaming subscription service. Each month, Amazon Prime Gaming offers its subscribers an impressive collection of games that can be enjoyed at no extra cost. Subscribers can look forward to keeping these games forever, making it an excellent way to build up an extensive gaming library without spending a penny.

This service has become increasingly popular over the years, offering some of the biggest and most exciting titles in the gaming world. Recent months have seen the inclusion of beloved classics like The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, Dishonored 2, The Evil Within 2, and Fallout: New Vegas. However, the Prime Gaming library isn’t just limited to blockbuster games. Fans of indie games will also find plenty of titles to enjoy, with offerings like Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield and the critically acclaimed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons included in recent lineups.

For those unfamiliar with the Prime Gaming subscription, it’s a service available exclusively to Amazon Prime members. Along with the free games, Prime Gaming also provides its subscribers with in-game content, exclusive access to gaming events, and a variety of other benefits. Prime Gaming is a great way for gamers to save money while still enjoying an extensive selection of games, and it’s no wonder that the service has become so popular among players.

In conclusion, Amazon Prime Gaming is an excellent service that offers subscribers a fantastic collection of games every month. With a mix of blockbuster titles and indie games, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just looking for a few casual titles to pass the time, Prime Gaming is a great way to build up your gaming library without breaking the bank. So why not sign up today and see what exciting titles are waiting for you?

  • Wolfenstein: The New Order – April 6
  • Art of Fighting 3 – April 6
  • Ninja Commando – April 6
  • Crossed Swords – April 13
  • Ghost Pilots – April 13
  • Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition – April 13
  • The Beast Inside – April 13
  • Beholder 2 – April 20
  • Grime – April 20
  • Metal Slug 4 – April 20
  • Ninja Masters – April 20
  • Terraformers – April 20
  • Looking For Aliens – April 27
  • Magician Lord – April 27
  • Sengoku – April 27

Amazon Prime subscribers who are also gamers are in for a treat this April, as they will have access to a whopping 15 games that they can download and keep forever. This is a significant increase from the usual number of games offered, which typically hovers around 10 games per month. Among the titles included in this month’s offering is the 2014 reboot of the classic first-person shooter franchise, Wolfenstein: The New Order, developed by MachineGames and published by Bethesda.

Wolfenstein: The New Order was widely praised upon its release for its engaging story, memorable characters, and thrilling gameplay. The game is set in an alternate history where the Nazis won World War II, and players take on the role of William “B.J.” Blazkowicz, a war veteran who wakes up from a coma 14 years after the war’s end to find that the world he once knew has been taken over by the Nazi regime. Players must help Blazkowicz navigate this dangerous new world, taking on Nazi soldiers and their advanced technology, and ultimately lead a resistance movement to overthrow their oppressive rule.

The success of Wolfenstein: The New Order helped put MachineGames on the map as one of the best first-person shooter studios in the industry. Since then, the studio has gone on to develop several other critically acclaimed titles, including the sequels Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Interestingly, it seems that Amazon has been featuring more and more games from Bethesda in their monthly offerings as of late. This is likely due to the fact that Bethesda is now a subsidiary of Amazon’s parent company, Amazon.com, Inc., after the tech giant acquired the studio’s parent company, ZeniMax Media, in 2020. This acquisition has given Amazon access to a wealth of popular game franchises, including The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, which could potentially lead to even more exciting offerings for Amazon Prime gamers in the future.

Overall, Amazon Prime subscribers who are also gamers should definitely take advantage of this month’s expanded offering of 15 games, with Wolfenstein: The New Order being a standout title that is sure to provide hours of thrilling gameplay.

In addition to the highly anticipated release of Metal Slug 4, Amazon’s Prime Gaming offerings for April are sure to please gamers of all stripes. From the cutting-edge graphics of Wolfenstein: The New Order to the old-school charm of Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, this lineup has something for everyone.

One of the standout titles in April’s lineup is undoubtedly Wolfenstein: The New Order. This AAA first-person shooter has received critical acclaim for its gripping storyline, engaging gameplay, and stunning graphics. Players take on the role of B.J. Blazkowicz, a U.S. Army Ranger who must battle his way through a world where the Nazis have won World War II. With its intense action and thought-provoking themes, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a must-play for FPS fans.

Meanwhile, classic RPG fans will find a lot to love in Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. This beloved game, originally released in 2000, has been remastered for modern systems with updated graphics and new content. Players take on the role of a group of adventurers exploring the frozen tundra of Icewind Dale, battling monsters and uncovering secrets along the way. With its deep lore and immersive gameplay, Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is a classic that should not be missed.

Of course, Metal Slug 4 is also sure to be a hit with fans of the classic Neo-Geo franchise. This side-scrolling run and gun game features fast-paced action, challenging enemies, and stunning visuals. Players take on the role of soldiers battling their way through hordes of enemies across multiple levels, using a variety of weapons and vehicles to take down their foes. With its iconic art style and addictive gameplay, Metal Slug 4 is a must-play for retro gaming enthusiasts.

Overall, Amazon’s Prime Gaming lineup for April is a testament to the diverse tastes of gamers. Whether you’re a fan of cutting-edge FPS titles or classic RPGs, there’s something here for everyone. With the added benefit of being included with a Prime subscription, there’s never been a better time to be a gamer.

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