An Awesome Catalogue Of Some Of The Rarest Consoles Ever Made

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I recently found a website called console variation and I am so excited to see some of the rare consoles ever made, whose purpose is to record every console version there is and ever has been, from fancy PS2s to rarest Gamecubes, The other thing they should consider adding to the site is to include a section which will feature all the rare smartphones out there, that would be one interesting and exciting category to check out in this smartphone obsessed world.

The site is run by Donny, who got famous last week as the owner of the Queen’s golden Wii. He doesn’t own all the consoles—we got to see where he lived last week, and it wasn’t a warehouse—but he is overseeing the cataloging of the photographs and man he got some of the rarest consoles ever.

I checked out the Gamecube section first, hoping to see all the biggest hits, then ran into consoles I’d never seen in my life ever. Like this baseball tie-in:

Image: Console Variations

And moving on, this absolutely gorgeous PS2:

Image: Console Variations

There’s also this one-of-a-kind PS1, minted in honour of 10,000,000 PlayStations sold:

Image: Console Variations

And this incredible Game Boy Advance SP, made as a tie-in for the film Battle Royale:

Image: Console Variations

And there are just too many, even down to crazy little promotional consoles made for local competitions.

The list isn’t complete, of course, there are many others out there which needed to be added to the list, so check back again to the website to see some new ones.

You can check out the complete listing at the Console Variations.


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