Angry Birds Stella Passes 30 Million Downloads

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Angry Birds Stella

The Angry Birds are still going strong since Stella has just passed the 30 million download mark. A new milestone.

It just goes to show you that the Angry Birds franchise is far from dead despite having some age to it. The latest statistics show that Angry Birds Stella POP! has been downloaded more than five million times in a matter of four weeks after its global launch.

With the new ‘Lily Lagoon’ update, fans will be able to enjoy hours of new gameplay via twenty fun-packed levels, which adds more longevity to the game also. Angry Birds Stella hit the market seven months ago and racked up more than 30 million downloads in seven months. That’s pretty amazing and she and her mates have also been viewed more than 160 million times across Toons. tv and YouTube, combined. Wow.

Heini Kaihu, Head of Studio at Rovio Entertainment, says, “Like all Angry Birds games, Angry Birds Stella POP! appeals to a wide demographic of gamers, but we are delighted to see it has a strong following of female millennials globally and is resonating especially in the US.” The Angry Birds are still a force!


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