Anno 1404 And Anno 1800 Comparison & Gameplay

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Anno 1404 And Anno 1800

Do you think Anno 1800 could be as good as 1404? Let me know! What 1404 Feature would you like to see make a return? I love Anno 1404 but online multiplayer in Anno 1404 only makes sense if you’re playing co-op. If you prefer free-for-all online deathmatch. it doesn’t really work out the same but it was so much fun playing the sandbox mode and I spent millions of hours in the game it was that engaging and gorgeous to play, and I think Anno 1800 will be as good or even better than the Anno 1404, all in all, I am all in for the new game and cannot wait to get my hands on it, check out the very informative and in-depth comparison video below.



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