Anno 1800 Cheats Gives You Infinite Money, Influence, And Health

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Anno 1800

Anno 1800 cheats are the only option which will keep you in the office if the strategy is not your thing. You don’t have to spend on people or spend time on them just like a true politician, you would have exceptional amounts of influence and tons of money to burn. Well, if you’ve always daydreamed of being a tyrannical dictator then you can grab the cheats trainer for Anno 1800 right now.

The first cheats trainer is available from Mr. Antifun forum.

The Anno 1800 cheat trainer will offer you:

  • Infinite Money
  • Infinite Influence
  • Infinite Construction Resources
  • Infinite Warehouse Resources
  • Infinite Health

Anno 1800

That is not just it there is another cheat trainer that’s available from over on WeMod.

And it will give you these cheating options:

  • Unlimited Bricks
  • Unlimited Concrete
  • Unlimited Steel
  • Unlimited Timber
  • Unlimited Windows
  • Unlimited Storage Resources
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Influence
  • Unlimited Ship Health
  • Max Diplomacy

Now, these cheats surely give you something a bit different than what you would otherwise get from the Mr. Antifun trainer. It will give you unlimited ship health would really come in handy for sea battles which you will go through a lot, plus it comes with the max diplomacy.

There’s also a premium trainer which you can download from CheatHappens.

It comes with the following Anno 1800 cheats:

  • Change Oil
  • Change Cash
  • Change Influence
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Perfect Diplomacy
  • Instant Ship Production
  • Unlimited Ship Health
  • Perfect Expedition Morale
  • Change Timber
  • Change Bricks
  • Change Steel Beams
  • Change Windows
  • Super Ship Speed
  • SuperSpeed
  • Edit Ship Inventory
  • Edit Harbor

It is a paid option condensing the constitution of your purse to allow coins to the coffers of Cheat Happens, the trainer, for sure, will offer you everything that the other trainers offer, and then it will give you something extra. So now it all depends on how you see the risk and rewards will decide whether or not you’ll want to spend some money.

If you are not playing the game still then check out the official trailer below, it is gorgeous.

Anno 1800, the game is a real-time city-building game and I am a fan of the franchise for a very long time, It is made by Blue Byte and Ubisoft. It will go probably into history as being one of the more controversial game launches for screwing over Steam users to take back an exclusivity deal with the pirate-enabling service known as the Epic Games Store.

If you go to the Steam store page right now you’ll see that there’s a notice saying you cannot buy this game anymore from Steam, only if you preorder it from the service then you be able to get it, but not a new purchase.

“Sales of Anno 1800 will be discontinued on Steam after April 16th due to a publisher decision to make the game exclusive to another PC store.

“The publisher has assured us that all prior sales of the game on Steam will be fulfilled on Steam, and Steam owners will be able to access the game and any future updates or DLC through Steam.”

That is some very shady move right there, especially most people going to Steam to buy it and cannot find it there anymore but on some different shady service.

Anno 1800 looks gorgeous with crisp graphics and all. But apparently, they wanted to cut their sales in half by taking off from Steam.

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