Anticipating the Grand Arrival: Forza Motorsport’s Epic AAA Debut on Xbox Just a Month Away

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Forza Motorsport

In a wide-ranging interview with IGN, members of the Turn 10 development team discussed their upcoming release, Forza Motorsport, set to launch in early October. While there has been much talk about the team’s decision to drop a number from the title, they are keen to assure fans that this installment is undeniably a genuine addition to the cherished Forza franchise, brimming with content right from day one.

Dan Greenawalt from Turn 10 shed light on their approach to transforming Forza Motorsport into a “platform for the future,” stating, “Our approach right now is not to make a games-as-a-service […] This is a massive game, and it’s launching for a $70 price, and there is a premium add-on. This is a massive AAA launch, so it’s not actually becoming a, ‘Hey, launch small and build over time.’ It’s not a service game. This is a AAA game.”

Greenawalt underlines that despite their game not being a traditional games-as-a-service, it will feature a more connected backend to adapt to today’s interconnected gamers. He went on to explain, “The thing is it’s being supported with a backend that is more connected than ever, and gamers are more connected now. So we’re able to basically do both. We can have a massive AAA launch, and then we can build a platform over time.”

This platform-building approach will encompass a wealth of post-launch content, including new tracks, cars, events, and more. For example, the Nürburgring Nordschleife is scheduled to be introduced in early 2024. The team also committed to an additional post-release track update even before that, with Greenawalt stating, “In November, with our first big update, Yas Marina is going to be coming into the game. It’s going to come in just as Chris described. Free, and it’s going to come into the career seamlessly; if you started playing the day after it came in, you’d never even know it was never there.”

Greenawalt’s statement indicates that Turn 10 aims to better integrate new tracks and cars into the game’s career mode after launch. This is likely a contributing factor to the decision to include an always-online campaign mode in this Forza title. While some players may have preferred an offline solution, it’s possible that Turn 10 may explore this option after the game’s initial release. However, the promise of substantial, frequent updates like these suggests a forward-looking and continually evolving Forza Motorsport experience for fans.

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