Anticipating The Newest iPhone in 2020

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iPhone 2020

Apple has managed to be one of the biggest smartphone brands on the market because it offers advanced features. In most cases, it always has the best devices with other manufacturers running to catch up. The iPhone 11 makes for a good example. Only a few months old, the latest flagship from Apple introduced a triple-lens rear camera that is changing the game. Rumors are already swirling about what Apple has in store for its Apple 2020 smartphone, which will be the iPhone 12. One speculation is that the device will have 5G capabilities.


The Qualcomm Connection

Akash Palkhiwala, CFO of Qualcomm, revealed that the company would ship over 200 million 5G smartphone chips in 2020. Palkhiwala said that the microchip producer would cater to two inflection points. With leaks of Galaxy 11 flooding the internet, it is clear that the device is one of the products that will have 5G. Qualcomm let on that the second inflection point is during the fall season on another flagship device. Looking at the manufacturers with flagship devices due for release in fall 2020, Apple is the most likely choice.

Galaxy Note already adopted 5G, and Google Pixel 5 doesn’t have the volumes to contribute to those Qualcomm numbers. Apple has been talking about getting 5G in its devices. In fact, expectations were that the 2019 iPhone would have 5G capabilities. Various leaks about Apple say that all its 2020 smartphones will have 5G. If you are already fantasizing about getting a 5G device, you can sell your Apple iPhone and upgrade. Just find a reputable marketplace like Sell My Mobile. Before doing that though, know what else the iPhone 12 promises.


Major Upgrades

Apart from the ridiculously fast network speeds that 5G will provide, what other features can buyers expect? With leaks of the next iPhone all over the place, it’s not difficult to tell what will change in the upcoming Apple device. The tech giant is looking to transform the design of the iPhone 12. A metal frame is one of the elements that the device will add to its body. Apple might go back to basics and replicate the build of the iPhone 4, which included a stainless steel frame. The manufacturer has not altered the design of its flagship smartphone since 2017. Users can expect smaller sizes with the new iPhone. Some leaks show that one of the models will be 5.4 inches, which will be smaller than all the phones released since the iPhone 4. Buyers will probably have two more sizes from which to pick.

Apple’s recent smartphones have come with OLEDs, and that is not expected to change. Even the low-range versions of the iPhone 12 might have OLED panels. The 2020 iPhone might do away with the Lightning port. It might keep the triple-lens back camera and upgrade some of its features like adding a laser for depth calculation. A TrueDepth system for the front camera is expected, which would mean a smaller notch. Apple did away with Touch ID in the iPhone X, providing users with FaceID but now it is planning to reintroduce it in the iPhone 12.

Given the advanced features and design changes that are expected with the iPhone 12, the price is bound to go up considerably. Upgrading from the iPhone 11 to offer advanced services is always a big decision, especially when on a budget. However, you can sell your Apple iPhone then top up the difference to get the phone you want. As with its predecessors, the iPhone 12 will come in several models and storage options, so buyers won’t be limited to one price. Sell My Mobile is one platform that you can use to sell your old iPhone.            


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