Anxiety Relief Games You Can Download Online

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Anxiety Relief Games

Whether you’re on the go, or just bored with your couch, there are many stress relief games you can play to alleviate anxiety. This isn’t just a fun way to relieve stress; it can actually improve your overall mental health. Some games even give you the chance to do something productive while you’re at it.

Whether you’re suffering from anxiety or just want to take control of your mind, you can find anxiety relief games you can download online to help after taking naturally kratom products. Here are some of the best:


Anti-Stress Island builder

Taking a virtual journey through an Anti-Stress Island builder is a good way to relax. It allows you to interact with a relaxing landscape, and the results may include excellent sleep. The best part is that it doesn’t require complicated game controls.

The My Oasis: Calming, Relaxing & Anxiety Relief game by Buff Studio offers the best of both worlds: calming visuals and interactive ways to alleviate stress and anxiety. It’s an attractive animated clicker game. The best part is that it’s a free download. You can start playing right away. The game is designed to reduce stress and anxiety, and it’s easy to see why.

The game also makes a worthy effort at showing off a few awe-inspiring features. The best part is that it’s designed for all ages, so you can have fun and still get some relaxation.


My Oasis

Whether you are suffering from stress or depression, you can find relief by playing My Oasis anxiety relief games. These games have relaxing music and are great for easing your mind. These games also feature easy controls and realistic gameplay. It is also a simulation game that helps you to relax and exercise your brain.

The game starts with a small oasis in a barren desert. Players can tap on different objects and collect hearts to expand the oasis. As they collect more hearts, they can then upgrade the oasis to add trees, mountains, and cute animals.

There are also mini-games and puzzles. The game features colorful graphics that are designed to induce relaxation. There are also motivational messages in the speech bubbles.



One of the more impressive stress-reduction games you can play on your mobile device is Pigment. This app is designed to give you a fun and free way to color, which is a great way to relax. It comes with over 600 free coloring pages and offers several different coloring instruments. Some of the tools in the app include a digital pencil, a pen, and a marker.



Developed by Jane McGonigal, SuperBetter is a game designed to help people overcome depression symptoms and improve their mental health. It uses a gamified method called Live Game fully(r), which draws on psychological strengths seen in gaming to build resilience. It is not an alternative to therapy or medication, but it does help reduce anxiety symptoms and promote social-emotional learning.

SuperBetter is available as a mobile app or web-based version. Players are encouraged to find power-ups to help them overcome challenges. It is also possible to play in a group, and users can review achievements. The app has been studied in a handful of clinical trials. It is free to download.


Self-Help Anxiety Management

Whether you’re dealing with a fear of public speaking or performance anxiety, this app will teach you how to take control of your mental and physical state. It’s also got some research to back it up.

The Sanvello app is a multifaceted program designed to help people cope with anxiety and overcome their fears. It’s got a variety of exercises to help you reframe your thoughts and manage your stress. Some of these include a full library of relaxing audio. You can even get free access to the app during an outbreak of the disease.

The Self-Help Anxiety Relief Games app is a free download for iOS devices. It’s got several of the usual suspects, including a full library of relaxation audios and breathing exercises. It also uses evidence-based coping techniques like progressive muscle relaxation, which has been shown to improve physical symptoms of anxiety.



Using an app like MindShift is a good way to help you deal with anxiety. This free app combines relaxation and mindfulness exercises. It also provides a community space where you can connect with others.

MindShift has been recommended as one of the top mental health apps by Healthline Media. It’s a good choice for youth and adults dealing with anxiety. It also provides a variety of check-in tools to help you monitor your symptoms. It also offers high-quality guided audio training.

MindShift uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques. This approach focuses on identifying and changing negative thoughts. It has been proven to help people suffering from anxiety, phobias and even eating disorders.

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