AO TENNIS Is Coming To The Next Gen Consoles In 2018

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Big Ant Studios is an Australian based developer and are in collaboration with the Australian Open, now they are releasing AO Tennis a game that lets players hit the tennis court with their favorite professional players. It is been a while that we had a proper tennis game and maybe the first decent tennis game on next-gen consoles. AO Tennis is the first official game that is licensed by the Australian Open.

This is the only game which will be using statistics from actual play data to be included in the game. AO Tennis will use historical data of popular tennis players and will introduce their famous moves and play methods in the game’s AI. Big Ant Studios stated in their announcement that:

“With previous tennis games, the world #1 would be challenging to beat, because his or her in-game attributes would be set to merely make fewer errors,” explained Big Ant CEO Ross Symons in the announcement. “That worked well at the time, but we’ve taken things to the next level.”

The game will also feature a 3D scanned appearance of the athletes included in the game to match their physical self and play behavior.  Professional tennis players were also motion captured to bring an authentic tennis experience.  You can also make your own individual characters that they can train to become a world-class professional tennis player. AO Tennis claims that Rafael Nadal, the world’s number 1 tennis player, will be the most difficult to beat in-game.

You can also choose your court to play, You can choose between a hard court, clay, or grass to match their preference that will also offer different challenges. There will also be an online play mode so players can challenge anyone in the world on their road on becoming the next tennis superstar.

I for one, not a fan of tennis but my mates love tennis and still play the game online and offline but on their Xbox 360, because till now there is no decent tennis game on the Xbox One or on PS4. but this will be all changed with this new title coming on the current gen consoles. AO Tennis will be released initially in Australia and New Zealand just in time for the actual Australian Open in Jan 16, 2018. It will then be released worldwide during the first half of 2018, but we are still waiting on specific region based release dates.


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