ApeCoin: Standing at the Apes’ Shoulders

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In the ocean of thousands of popular coins, scamcoins, and hidden investment gems having a good navigator is key. Indeed, choosing the wrong avenue for investment may lead not only to money loss but a disappointment in the crypto as a concept. Such an opportunity cannot be missed by any sane investor as blockchain is definitely the future of decentralized services.

One of the projects in the stage of pre-release development is ApeCoin by famous Yuga Labs. The majority of experts agree that it can be The Next Thing as many stars align for the company. It will not de-throne BTC, do not get us wrong, but becoming the top 10 tokens in use is pretty realistic. Not only exchanges but many crypto dice casinos are showing interest in it, so learning about the perceptive of ApeCoin would be a good investment of your time.


The company behind the monkeys

Starting from the now-legendary Bored Apes collection in 2021 to this day Yuga Labs is the developer behind ApeCoin innovative blockchain space. It is hard to imagine any crypto enthusiasts who have not heard about so-called Monkey NFT profile pictures. But after a thorough dissection, the project is not based on luck at all which is a common view among some parts of the community.

Bored Apes Yacht Club launched in the perfect time at the end of the pandemic. Such a place allows it to flood the social media space with its rich presence. On top of that YugaLabs’ Apes got support from a wide range of celebrities ranging from pop stars like Justin Bieber to American football players like Tom Brandy.

The package itself is not limited to just a picture. Noteworthy additions:

  •   BAYC membership card with access to exclusive news, airdrops, etc.;
  •   full ownership of the picture;
  •   free access to the exclusive collection of dog-themed NFT called Kennel Club;
  •   free access to a serum that can mutate Apes unpredictably.

The list will continue to grow each quarter of the year Yuga states so stay tuned for the updates. The result of such management is the most expensive NFT collection in history. Greg Solano and Wylie Aronow owners of Yuga Labs were not satisfied with just one popular NFT collection which resulted in the acquisition of Crypto Punks and Meebits in March of the following year. The collective value of any aforementioned collections exceeds 10000000 USD.


New crypto endeavor

The ecosystem approach tested in BAYC by Yuga is continued in ApeCoin in the form of Otherside. The virtual space is similar to the concept of Metaverse by Meta but very different in the substance. Both ecosystems offer different virtual reality space for people to interact via games, gambling like BTC or solana dice, events, or regular conversations. The difference is in these people as BAYC members will be more much likely to engage with such futuristic services than Facebook moms.

And the only currency to buy Otherside goods to make the presence of the members more unique is the aforementioned ApeCoin. Its value will be the derivative of the project’s success. Now is a great time to make a small investment in APE.

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