APEX LEGENDS’ Dark Depths Event Coming Next Week!

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Players are waiting for some new goodness to have in Apex Legends can get the newest Dark Depths Event which runs from January 11th thru February 1st. This even presents a brand-new Arena map, themed cosmetics, and different new Flash Events.

The new map, which is titled Habitat 4 is one of the smallest islands in the New Antilla archipelago. In the game’s lore, this island is known as a Leviathan ground following the events where IMC researchers found that the beasts gravitated to the island.

It’s an island that comes with a lot of terrain unique to it which has shifted and fallen away over time due to erosion. A waterfall, a cave, and a massive nest all feature vantage points for players to fight for. The island also features slides and fast getaway routes for players to take in order to vanish in a sticky situation.

Flash Events – Each week, Legends complete challenges to earn new prizes and badges. Prizes include Apex Packs, Holosprays, Skins, and even more.

Themed Cosmetics – Unlock themed cosmetics that turn your Legends into terrors from the deep. New Legendary skins for Ash, Horizon, Lifeline, and Fuse are available to purchase.

Dark Depths Packs – Claim the limited-time Dark Depths Packs for 400 Apex Coins and unlock cosmetics, weapon charms, trackers, and more.

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