Apex Legends Event Starts Soon, Even Before Season 2 Reveal

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends has been facing numerous issues since launch, including dealing with cheaters, but Respawn Entertainment is committed to improving the game and providing enough content to keep returning players satisfied. The California-based company isn’t divulging too many details yet, but it has teased what’s to come in Season 2 and announced an upcoming, limited-time event that will begin in the free-to-play battle royale game just before E3.

Full details on Season 2 will be shared during the EA Play live stream on Saturday, June 8. Ahead of that reveal, Respawn’s lead product manager, Lee Horn, posted a blog on EA’s website to discuss what’s to come next week.

The headliner is the beginning of the new Legendary Hunt limited-time event. It will last a full two weeks and kicks off on Tuesday, June 6. The event will add an Apex Elite queue (where those who make it into the top five in any match will continue to play against other top fivers), Legendary Hunt rewards (including skins for Bloodhound, Wraith, various weapons, and more), and Battle Pass bonus experience for top fivers in any match. Additionally, double experience weekend returns, starting on Friday, June 7 at 10 AM PT and ending on Monday, June 10 at 10 AM PT.

We’ve heard a few rumblings about the Season 2 Battle Pass for Apex Legends. Though Respawn wants to keep the information as close to the chest as possible, Horn did give some minor details about what to expect from Season 2 of Apex Legends.

To start, daily and weekly challenges will allow you to level up easier. Should you miss any challenges or start late, weekly challenges will remain available to complete and can be completed all at once. Three new Legendary items have been added and one Legendary item will unlock at every 25 Battle Pass levels in the premium pack. Those that reach Battle Pass level 100 will receive an evolving weapon skin, and those that reach Battle Pass level 110 will receive a special recolor version of the skin. Badges and basic stat trackers have been removed from the premium track, while seasonal win trackers will remain in the free track but will be earnable in the first 10 levels. Lastly, voice lines have been replaced by crafting metal. The Season 2 Battle Pass should make earning crafting metal easier and quicker so you can craft that item you’ve been eyeballing.

E3 2019 is just around the corner. With Respawn set to present more information during the EA Play Livestream at 10 AM PT on Saturday, June 8, we should walk away from the presentation with a greater understanding of what Respawn’s ideas are for the upcoming season of Apex Legends.

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