‘Apex Legends’ First Season Battle Pass Revealed, Octane Joins the Fight

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a massive hit. And it is getting the success developer Respawn deserved after Titanfall 2, the sci-fi battle royale shooter has racked up over 50 million players it was released a month ago and become very successful very fast. Battle royales live on big audiences. How else do you immediately fill matches that require 60 players? That is why the game is free for all and it is increasing in size every day.

However, once players are hooked, you’re going to need to start making money somehow. So Respawn has just announced what players can expect in the paid battle pass for Apex Legends season one.

Apex Legends has erupted in popularity simply because of its lovable characters all trying to kill each other on the battlefield. The game originally launched with eight heroes with custom different skills to synergize. So adding a ninth hero in this battle pass is a very big deal for changing up the possible strategies. You can now have three teams of three characters with no repeats.

The new character’s name is Octane, a speed-demon racer type dude who blew his legs off and replaced them with metal upgrades. We would’ve gone with ape legs. His personality manifests in his “Adrenaline Junkie” skill that turns health into speed which pairs nicely with unlimited health regeneration packs. Meanwhile his ultimate ability “LaunchPad” lets the whole squad fly through the sky instead of just dropping down from it.

With the Octane the battle pass also comes with the other kinds of perks you would expect like skins, banners, XP boosts, and whatever else they put in loot boxes. Fortunately, you can buy the $10 pass with in-game coins instead of spending out real money, and Respawn says the currency is got made through this battle pass can easily pay off the next as the team releases new seasons in the months to come.

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